American Poltergeist 2

Girls need to stop touching haunted relics in the forest!  Especially if it’s “Borley Forest” in this week’s movie, an ostensible sequel to AMERICAN POLTERGEIST but better known by its American title, THE POLTERGEIST OF BORLEY FOREST.  Join the EHMON gang as we take our own walk into the woods.  Should we have heeded our own advice and left this movie undisturbed?  Or should you view it?  Listen to find out!

American Poltergeist

The gang heads to Fall River, Massachusetts to get off campus for a while and ask the big questions: Is it still okay to like Kevin Spacey movies? Who directed Monsters Inc?  Is Lizzie Borden famous enough to name-drop in casual conversation?  If you look like a nice person on Facebook, should you be cut slack for misguided attempts at filmmaking? Find out the answers to these burning questions and MORE in this episode.